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Innovation, Science, Quality, and Super Team are the Journey of a Successful Business

We are a wood-coating company, constantly seeking higher ground and forging new paths for coating systems around the globe. We dream of a day where we can all work together to preserve nature's boundless beauty for generations to come.
Though we've been ceaselessly innovating in the coating market since the very beginning, in recent years we've expanded to several new coating-based industries (including flooring, doors, furniture and profiling, and organic food-grade beeswax).
Viron places health and safety (of both the user and manufacturer) at the top of our list of many priorities to improve the standards of the wood coating industry. Our products contain no volatile organic compounds, benzophenone, or bisphenol-A, and fulfil the requirements of Californian Prop 65 and Indoor Air Comfort Gold. Innovating to create the best products at the top of the market keeps us busy, and we wouldn't have it any other way.
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