Flooring Industry

Reacton Colors Producs

Reacton Colors

Reacton Colours are our collection of water-based finishes that add classy new shades to wood surfaces, preserving the natural look of the wood and breathing new life to any room.
Reacton Equaliser Produk

Reacton Equaliser

Reacton Equaliser is a water-based tone equaliser, disguising damage and stains to wood panels and floors, utilising modern systems to produce the ideal pre-coat colour.
UV Emoi & Emli Product


Our Extreme-Matt Invisible series of products offers top-quality protection of wooden surfaces whilst maintaining the natural look and appeal of raw wood.
UV Lacquer Finishing Roduct

UV Lacquer Finishing

UV Lacquer Finish is our solution for wood flooring products, protecting your floors with a high-quality UV-drying acrylic-coat which protects surfaces from abrasion and scratches.
UV Oil Product

UV Oil

UV oils give surfaces good protection while maintaining the high aesthetic appeals of wood.

Door & Furniture Industry

Basic Prime White

WB 1K Basic Prime White is our offering for pure-white wood primers, providing high covering power and fast drying times with only the highest quality to spare.
Ultra Clear Product

Ultra Clear

Ultra Clear is our offering for water-based spray-applied coatings (either single-or double-component), giving fixtures and furnishings transparent finishes that are smooth and feel like natural wood-grain to the touch.
Ultra Prime Product

Ultra Prime

Ultra Prime is our premium offering for high-quality wood primers, guaranteed to provide the utmost combination of maximum coverage and long-lasting.
WB UV Clear Product

WB UV Clear

WB UV Clear was one of Viron’s first of many great innovations. Viron was the first to formulate a functioning and effective auto spray-based application system for door coatings back in 2011, and was the first major provider of this technology in Indonesia during early 2018.
UV Clear Product

UV Clear

Unlike conventional coating solutions that require three application layers (UV filler, sealer, and top coat), our UV High-Buildup Filler/Top Coat system requires the application of only two layers, cost efficient and shorten time during the production process.

UV Pigmented

UV Pigmented is the best choice finishing for furniture with solid colors. UV Pigmented shows good hiding ability starting from filler, prime and top coat. The product is available in all required sheen levels.

Cutting & Charcuterie Board

Organic Food Grade Beeswax

Food Grade Beeswax is organic, food grade, natural look, and well penetration. It is used as glazing agent on chopping board, wooden plate, and serving tray.
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